Detective L

2018 TV-14

Shanghai in the 30s: An intriguing crime case emerges amidst the bustling city. A beautiful new graduate of the police academy, Qin Xiao Man, joins the investigation unit. The famous detective Luo Fei becomes her colleague and neighbor.

1. Episode 1×1

On the day Ma Boyuan hit her with his car, his wife Ruan Mengzhu held on to the car window and refused to let go. Not only did she not let go, but she also tried to snatch the steering wheel. During the chaos, a car accident happened and Ruan Mengzhu was killed. In order to shirk his responsibility for killing his wife, Ma Boyuan smuggled her dead wife’s body into the cemetery to burry her.

2. Episode 1×2

Ma Boyuan drove into the cemetery, got out of the car and took a shovel. Luo Fei and Qin Xiaoman climbed out of the trunk, followed Ma Boyuan and found that Ma Boyuan was digging an empty grave. He was befuddled to see that Luo Fei and Qin Xiaoman were there.

3. Episode 1×3

Lawyer Wu sympathized with Ruan Mengzhu who was living in dire straits, and decided to find a way to save her from the sea of suffering. Under his instigation, Ruan Mengzhu deliberately quarreled with Ma Boyuan, who was left thinking that he had killed his wife during the incident yet, throguh careful planning, lawyer Wu had prepared a dead body in advance to pass as that of Ruan Mengzhu.

4. Episode 1×4

Qin Xiaoman suspected that Chen Xiangdong was involved in the murder of Han Weiwei. Chen Xiangdong handed a note to Qin Xiaoman who was about to leave. The note said 720900 and an address. This string of numbers was exactly the one in Han Weiwei’s notebook. The murderer should also be an insider, Luo Fei decided to arrange for Qin Xiaoman to further associate with Chen Xiangdong.

5. Episode 1×5

Luo Fei and Qin Xiaoman agreed to search Han Weiwei’s house again at night. When they arrived, they saw a light at the residence and rushed in. Two women were sitting in the room, both reporters and Han Weiwei’s colleagues. Luo Fei asked about their relationship and learned that Han Weiwei was a also a reporter and had sneaked into the Shanxi Chamber of Commerce looking to expose a huge scandal.

6. Episode 1×6

When Benjamin got off work he found a car parked in front of the police station. The owner of the car was acting suspicious, so Benjaming started tocarefully watch over the car, then suddenly the man pulled out a pistol at Benjamin. Seeing that Benjamin was about to be shot, a policeman walked over.

7. Episode 1×7

Teacher Xiao had been dead for a long time. Luo Fei and Qin Xiaoman analyzed the case of Mr. Xiao’s death and deliberated about whether Xiaolu had lied. While discussing the case, Qin Xiaoman cleaned up the room under Luo Fei’s instructions. The atmosphere was rarefied, just as the two were at a loss, Xiao Lu suddenly enters the room.

8. Episode 1×8

Luo Fei checked Guan Er’s violin box and found the powder hidden in the secret compartment. Qin Xiaoman followed Luo Fei to the library to look up information, and found out that whenever the orchestra performed in a certain place, there would be drugs there. After careful analysis, Luo Fei deduced that Xiao Lang’s orchestra was secretly selling drugs.

9. Episode 1×9

Xiao Lang and his team rummaged through boxes and cabinets at Xia Luna’s house looking for negatives, and accidentally discovered that Xia Luna had a younger sister who was going to study abroad, so they kidnapped her to force Xia Luna to hand over the negatives. Xia Luna refused to give in and desperately resisted.

10. Episode 1×10

Luo Fei suspected that Captain was pretending to be crazy. He guessed that Captain had already recovered. Hovens and Benjamin disagreed with Luo Fei’s point of view, and both agreed that it was impossible for Captain to recover. Luo Fei came up with a bold idea.

11. Episode 1×11

Luo Fei sat in front of the bed and guarded Qin Xiaoman. After Qin Xiaoman woke up, Luo Fei mentioned that Wang Jiade injured the policeman. Qin Xiaoman was quite surprised and rushed back to the police station accompanied by Luo Fei.

12. Episode 1×12

Qi’s mother, who adopted Sun Qixue and the other three, has become mentally ill. If Luo Fei wants to find out the background of Sun Qixue and the three, he can only go to the police station to search for information.

13. Episode 1×13

A fire broke out on Pike Road, and the watchtower’s sentry quickly sounded the alarm. This is not the first fire on Pike Road, but the third this month. The three fires happened at different times, all of which happened around 10 o’clock on Sunday night.

14. Episode 1×14

Hovens refused to disclose the details of the suspicious patient to Luo Fei on the grounds of protecting the patient’s privacy. Qin Xiaoman talked about it, and Huo Wensi showed the patient’s medical records to Luo Fei.

15. Episode 1×15

Luo Fei still couldn’t figure out how the thief opened the safe. If the thief wanted to take the diamond, the bank security would definitely hear the alarm.

16. Episode 1×16

When Qin Xiaoman returned to the police station, the detective stepped out temporarily, and someone suddenly called the detective. When Qin Xiaoman answered the phone, the caller actually called her by her name.

17. Episode 1×17

The murderer knew Qin Xiaoman and proposed to make a deal with Qin Xiaoman. If Qin Xiaoman doesn’t investigate the murderer anymore, the murderer will let the kidnapped girl go and promise that he won’t commit another crime in the future.

18. Episode 1×18

Lin Zhongheng became emotional and denied that he was the murderer, and begged Luo Fei not to harass Wang Xueru. When Luo Fei and the detective were discussing the case in the office, Benjamin broke into the office and claimed that another female body was found in the morning.

19. Episode 1×19

Luo Fei found that the desk drawer in front of the corpse had been moved, and suspected that the murder of Wang Charlie had something to do with the famous painting. Qin Xiaoman found a photo of a lady in a picture album, who looked somewhat similar to Lin Zaizhong.

20. Episode 1×20

Benjamin discovered that there was an injection needle hole in Charlie Wang’s ankle. It turned out that Charlie Wang died from being forcibly injected with a liquid, which caused the blood in his body to be blocked and eventually suffocated to death. At the time of the incident, Lawyer Liu had no evidence of alibi.