Last Madame

2019 TV-14

As she discovers the drudgeries and intrigues of her great-grandmother’s world – in a brothel set in early 1940s Singapore – she is forced to decide the fate of an old building and to reconcile with her roots and history.

1. Episode 1×1
2. Episode 1×2
3. Episode 1×3
4. Episode 1×4
5. Episode 1×5
6. Episode 1×6
7. Episode 1×7

Inspector Mak continues to investigate the Madame and her possible involvement in the murders. Fung Lan appears to be hiding something, and it is unclear how long she can keep it hidden. Meanwhile, Guo Wen and Chi Ling are struggling with their feelings for each other, and the return of Harry further complicates the situation.

8. Episode 1×8
9. Episode 1×9
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11. Episode 1×11
12. Episode 1×12