Nothing Gold Can Stay

2017 TV-14

Zhou Ying is sold to the powerful Shen family by her foster father, yet successfully escapes by sneaking into merchant Wu Ping’s palanquin. The Wu family agreed to take her in after witnessing her remarkable business acumen. Shen Xingyi, the pampered young master of the Shen family will end up falling in love with Zhou Ying.

1. Episode 1×1

Zhou Ying and her adoptive father Zhou Laosi make a living as best they can on the street. However, the lack of money forces his father to sell her to the Shen family.

2. Episode 1×2

Zhou Ying’s frankness gets her into serious trouble, so the new maid tries to escape in Wu Pin’s carriage.

3. Episode 1×3

Zhou Ying manages to get shelter in Wu Pin’s residence, where she quickly gets into trouble. However, her knowledge of mathematics and business impress everyone at the Wu Residence.

4. Episode 1×4

Problems in the Wu residence. A sudden murder endangers everyone connected to Wu Pin and his family.

5. Episode 1×5

To the surprise of the Shen family, Wu Pin attends Shen Yuesheng’s funeral. Offended and provoked, they attack Wu Pin after the ceremony.

6. Episode 1×6

Wu Weiwen suggests that marriage is the only way to awaken Wu Pin from his coma.

7. Episode 1×7

Zhou Ying and Wu Pin are already married so she is expected to behave like a real lady, worthy of belonging to the Wu family.

8. Episode 1×8

Du Mingli has no idea that Zhao Baishi seeks to frame Wu Weiwen, and promises Shen Sihai to release Xingyi.

9. Episode 1×9

The arrival of an English missionary causes the Wu family to further limit Zhou Ying’s freedom. Meanwhile, Hu Yongmei confides in Wu Pin that she is in love with him.

10. Episode 1×10

Zhou Ying uses the medicine given to her by the foreigner to help Wu Pin. Taking advantage of the situation, Wu Pin manages to get Zhou Ying to stay in the Wu residence.

11. Episode 1×11

A natural disaster strikes the city. Shen Sihai takes advantage of the tragedy to make a fortune, but Shen Xingyi prefers to use his resources to help the poor.

12. Episode 1×12

Zhou Ying is allowed to stay in Wu residence. Zhou Ying’s father reappears at Shen’s residence.

13. Episode 1×13

Zhou Ying’s father seeks to take advantage of his daughter and plots something with the Shen family’s money.

14. Episode 1×14

Du Mingli organizes a meeting with two great merchants. His plan is to create a strategy to separate Hu Zhicun from Wu Weiwen.

15. Episode 1×15

Wu Pin suspects Du Mingli’s connection to Shen Yuesheng’s murder. Later, Wu Pin is found dead.

16. Episode 1×16

Zhou Ying refuses to accept Wu Pin’s death. Chaos begins to find answers.

17. Episode 1×17

Zhou Ying discovers that she is pregnant, however, Zhou Laosi seeks help from Shen Xing to get her daughter to leave Wu residence.

18. Episode 1×18

On the way to Wu Pin’s tomb, Zhou Ying meets Shen Xingyi, who provides shelter. On the other hand, Wu Weiwen is arrested.

19. Episode 1×19

Wu Weiwen dies in prison. Du Ming Li gives a new military order to Shen Shai on the terms of profit sharing.

20. Episode 1×20

Zhou Ying tries to convince the Wu family to accept her as the matriarch of the family. However, she will need to watch her back. Her life is in danger.