2019 TV-14

Set in spring of 1949. In order to ferret out a latent assassination team of secrecy bureau and make certain the insurgence of a KMT army group, Songjiang public security bureau invites a dormant sniper pro to confront the enemy’s leading killer.

1. Episode 1×1

In 1949, to uncover the assassination team and stop the uprising of Kuomintang Party, the Songjiang City Security Bureau task force used Su Wenqian, a sniper master as an adviser to counter Chi Tiecheng, who quietly killed a cake master. The Bureau intercepted a secret report and learned that someone would set up an ambush at the dock joint, preparing to take down the secret report.

2. Episode 1×2

Su Wenqian took off his shirt, raised his hand and turned around for examination according to their words. There were several scars on his chest and back. The plainclothes policeman outside the door noticed something was wrong and quickly called the section chief, saying that the girl pretending to be the child’s sister had been in his woodcarving stall before the gunshot.

3. Episode 1×3

Su Wenqian was taken back to the Public Security Bureau. Ouyang Xiangling came along, without asking, which made the director very angry. He complained she had no discipline. He ignored her and hurried in to interrogate Su Wenqian while Ouyang Xiangling insisted on following. Section Chief Cao greeted Ouyang Xiangling, and the Director asked him to prepare for interrogation work.

4. Episode 1×4

Ouyang Xiangling and Su Wenqian brought up the strange case from three years before. The deceased in this strange case was Yang Zhiliang.

5. Episode 1×5

When Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao heard movements they started making noises. Su Wenqian ran desperately under the chase of the police. Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao blocked him in the alley by flanking him back and forth. Su Wenqian took the cake and staged a desperate pursuit with Section Chief Cao.

6. Episode 1×6

Su Wenqian hurried to Ye Guanying’s ward and found his body. The police’s body was found by the nurse and panic ensued. Ouyang Xiangling hurried back when he heard all the activity. Su Wenqian wanted to escape but thought of rushing back. Ouyang Xiangling angrily accused him of being part of the jellyfish, and Su Wenqian also very annoyed.

7. Episode 1×7

Principal Fang let the jellyfish group rest and entrusted them with the next task. Chi Tiecheng was obviously very dissatisfied. He injured Cui Jiu’s hand with a fork. Cui Jiu was very angry but could not move and retracted his words to allow for the jellyfish to be the main force of this operation.

8. Episode 1×8

The old man felt that he and Chi Tiecheng had killed Su Wenqian. Chi Tiecheng wanted to make Su Wenqian pick up a gun and be a sniper because he is a natural sniper, and only by staying by himself can Su Wenqian show his value.

9. Episode 1×9

The shooter increased the difficulty, seeing that the Director, Section Chief Cao, and Ouyang Xiangling applauded, but Su Wenqian was a little disgusted. Section Chief Cao explained that they were preparing to fight an ambush.

10. Episode 1×10

Chi Tiecheng made a decisive move to save the single edge. Su Wenqian snatched the steering wheel from Ouyang Xiangling and rescued Section Chief Cao and others. Ouyang Xiangling asked Chief Cao to listen to Su Wenqian, he knew the jellyfish group!

11. Episode 1×11

Yin Qiansu is worried when he receives news that he has changed his route to Hengzhou. Qin Zishu and Su Wenqian take Qin Hengian to the hospital and Xiaoxue listens to Qin Zishu admitting Qin Hengian for the first time. Qin Henian is allergic to alcohol and Yin Qiansu calls Qin Mansion again to find out about the accident.

12. Episode 1×12

Chi Tiecheng receives a phone call from Shan Leng saying he has found the location of Su Wenqian. He had no friends or family, he had not been with anyone, nor had he heard of Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue. Chi Tiecheng feels that this little girl named Xiaoxue is very important to him.

13. Episode 1×13

Section Chief Cao receives a call from Mayor Wen’s Secretary. He was preparing for the congress. Section Chief Cao finds a bullet in the tire and asks the secretary to attend the congress the next day.

14. Episode 1×14

Section Chief Cao refused to believe in Su Wenqian. Ouyang Xiangling repeatedly fought, but Chief Cao decided to agree to Su Wenqian’s request.

15. Episode 1×15

Shan Leng meets Dr. Wu, Qin Hengian’s treating physician. Mayor Wen told Yin Qiansu that he was in favor of Tang Siyuan’s idea and should inform Tang Siyuan about this matter. Mayor Wen asks Yin Qiansu to contact Tang Siyuan and try to avoid the moment when the two armies were fighting, but Tang Siyuan is not alone in the Tenth Corps.

16. Episode 1×16

Chaos in the hospital ensues. Su Wenqian rushes to the hospital. Su Wenqian finds Qin Zishu’s blind rod and quickly finds her and arranges a safe place for her.

17. Episode 1×17

Su Wenqian blamed himself for not teaching everyone a lesson, and decided to take advantage of these few hours to teach a lesson. The jellyfish group phone rang and learned that Yin Qiansu had called Qin Henian but was refused.

18. Episode 1×18

Su Wenqian promised Yang Zhiliang that he would never kill anyone in vain. One year after the end of the Anti-Japanese War, there were no traitors and devils to kill, Su Wenqian changed his career and made a goal.

19. Episode 1×19

The director asks Section Chief Cao to prepare to escort Yin Qiansu home. Shan Leng dresses Chi Tiecheng as an old man, and learns that the female Communist Party made a strange phone call to Qin Henian in the afternoon.

20. Episode 1×20

After Chi Tiecheng returned, he was going to see Su Wenqian. Su Wenqian searched all the way, following the clues that Chi Tiecheng deliberately left, and found his father’s home.