Story of Yanxi Palace

2018 TV-14

A young girl searches for the truth about her older sister’s death by becoming a seamstress in the Emperor’s harem.

1. Episode 1×1

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2. Episode 1×2

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3. Episode 1×3

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4. Episode 1×4

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5. Episode 1×5

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6. Episode 1×6

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7. Episode 1×7

Concubines and the imperial concubine are shocked when they recognize Yingluo in the embroidery workshop. Yingluo takes out a phoenix robe made of deer tail fluff to avoid waste and tradition. Yingluo is punished but still wants to find the person who stole the peacock feather thread and eventually gets Linglong, who admits to stealing and harming herself, arrested.

8. Episode 1×8

Yingluo is sent to the Changchun Palace by the Emperor to exile Ning Guta with eighty sticks and never return to Beijing. Nanny Zhang is worried that Yingluo’s temper will make her suffer in the palace. Yingluo enters the palace to get close to Fu Heng and find out the truth about who hurt her sister.

9. Episode 1×9

Concubine Xian’s mother asks her to intercede with the Emperor for her son’s involvement in corruption but Concubine Xian refuses, stating that she must not violate principles. Yingluo finds a eunuch trying to murder Yugui and escapes to hide in the Yonghe Palace. Concubine Gao is eventually exposed as the mastermind behind the murder attempt and apologizes to the Queen.

10. Episode 1×10

Yingluo believes that Fu Heng is responsible for her sister’s troubles and wants him to pay the price. The Queen, who Yingluo serves, orders the Ministry of Internal Affairs to sell old items and donate the money. Yingluo is warned by the Emperor not to make any more flirtatious comments.

11. Episode 1×11

Concubine Jia invites Concubine Gao to go to the garden with her, where they encounter the Queen and Yugui. Yugui is afraid of Concubine Gao’s pet dog and tries to leave early. Yingluo, who is also present, chases the dog away to save Yugui but is scolded by Concubine Jia for hurting the pet.

12. Episode 1×12

Concubine Jia plots to make Yingluo disappear and the Queen lose face. Yingluo takes action by sending lychees to the imperial dining room. At the lychee banquet, Snowball jumps out and causes chaos, leading to the Concubine Jia being demoted and imprisoned, and Yingluo being punished by the Queen.

13. Episode 1×13

Yingluo raises Xueqiu secretly and gives Hailancha another fur. Fu Heng agrees to help Yingluo find a good owner for Xueqiu. Yingluo deliberately gives Nanny Zhang a flawed fur to prove her kind-heartedness and clear any doubts about her.

14. Episode 1×14

The queen found that Yingluo’s hands were shaking all the time when she was writing and gave her strict education to overcome it. Yingluo accuses Qingxi of not being on duty properly. Qingxi falsely claims that she has found out the cause of Yingning’s death, asking Yingluo to meet at the Royal Garden at midnight.

15. Episode 1×15

On the day of the Great Sacrifice in Kunning Palace, Prince Yi is found to have put salt on the meat and is punished by the Emperor. Yingluo stabs Fu Heng in the shoulder with a dagger in order to avenge her sister’s death, but Fu Heng stops her and tells her that he didn’t hurt her sister. Yingluo is punished by the queen and must copy the word “tolerance” a hundred times.

16. Episode 1×16

Concubine Chun foils the plans of Concubine Gui and Lady Jia, causing Jia to leave in dissatisfaction. Concubine Xian, who was almost taken advantage of, reassures that as long as the fourth prince is healthy she will not ask for anything. Jia, who is now sidelined, is bitter and blames the guard for not finding someone in charge of her food.

17. Episode 1×17

Concubine Gao is unsure of Concubine Chun’s plans to follow the Queen. Yingluo goes to check the on-duty list for the tenth day of the first lunar month, claiming to be useful. Fu Heng tells Yingluo that if someone killed Aman, they would not want the news to spread and suggests that Yingluo give up her investigation.

18. Episode 1×18

The Emperor is in a dilemma when the prince is sick, and Concubine Xian suggests inviting a famous doctor to check on the prince. Ye Tianshi diagnoses the prince with jaundice, but is met with skepticism from the court. Concubine Chun presents evidence against Concubine Gao, who is imprisoned by the Emperor, and is suspected of murder.

19. Episode 1×19

The Emperor feels guilty for the noble concubine and promises to stay at Chuxiu Palace at night. Yingluo is discouraged with flowers and plants in the imperial garden. Fu Heng tells her that Concubine Yu and the fifth elder brother paid the price of their lives to bring down Concubine Gao.

20. Episode 1×20

The Emperor ordered Ye Tianshi to give Yingluo bitter medicines three times a day as punishment for her bad behavior and to torment her. Fu Heng fell in love with Yingluo and took care of her while she was ill, even kissing her while she was asleep.