Taboo (TV Series)

2017 TV-MA

Set in 1814, believed to be long dead, James Delaney returns home to London from Africa to inherit his father’s shipping empire. However, he encounters numerous enemies lurking in every dark corner.

1. Episode 1

After being presumed dead, James Delaney resurfaces in London seeking revenge for the death of his father and inheriting the family shipping empire, which threatens the ambitions of his half-sister and the East India Company.

2. Episode 2

Despite Delaney’s return to London setting tongues wagging, he enlists allies in his quest to reclaim his legacy, while an unexpected arrival at the reading of the will disrupts his plans and reveals the nature of his inheritance.

3. Episode 3

Delaney receives medical help from an unexpected source, before outwitting the East India Company, which turns its attentions to Delaney’s new ally, Lorna.

4. Episode 4

The plot against Delaney puts Lorna in danger, Delaney enlists help for a scheme of his own, and an invitation to an opulent ball leads to unexpected consequences.

5. Episode 5

A duel at dawn takes a surprising turn, Zilpha is met with darkness, the East India Company is under investigation, and Delaney faces a race against time to keep his plot a secret.

6. Episode 6

When his plot is betrayed and Zilpha takes drastic action against her husband, Delaney faces all out chaos, complicated further by a family revelation and the increasingly desperate East India Company.

7. Episode 7

A tragic event leads to the betrayal of Delaney, who must use all of his wits and strength to salvage his plans.

8. Episode 8

Delaney delivers an ultimatum, arrangements for immediate departure begin, while Strange has a final ace to play.