The Favorite Teacher

2016 TV-14

One of the high school students, Ignat Kalinin, falls in love with a young teacher, but Ulyana Sergeevna does not reciprocate. Ignat, just starting to build all sorts of plans for his future life, does not even suspect that all this will be destroyed in an instant.

1. Episode 1×1

At the first school day the life of Ignat, a senior in high school, changes completely. He fell in love with his new teacher, Uliyana, but she doesn’t take it seriously. Ignat proposes to her at the prom, but she refuses. A drunk friend of Ignat, Kostya, tries to rape Uliana, and the fight begins.

2. Episode 1×2

Filippov recognizes that Kostya is the bully who smashed his car. Filippov beat Kostya to death and makes it as a result of the fight with Ignat. Filippov’s colleague Vera knows about it. Ignat goes to jail for 5 years, Uliana is blamed for this fight and dismissed from school. Ignat’s mother Darya lose her mind. Kostya’s father burns her house, and Uliana is the one who supports her.

3. Episode 1×3

A new school director, Maxim, returns Uliana to a job. He is taking care of Uliana and proposes to her. But why he doesn’t say that he was married? The only thing that helps Ignat to survive in jail is his love. He writes her letters but receives only textbooks. Kostya’s sister Marina that fell in love with Kostya visits him in jail, tells about Uliana’s marriage and seduces him.

4. Episode 1×4

Maxim becomes an aggressive and petty cheapskate. Ignat still writes letters to Uliana, but his mother intercepts letters, she is still ill. Marina tells Maxim about these letters. His ex-wife returns to his life, Uliana is pregnant, and furious Maxim smacks his wife. Ignat got paroled.

5. Episode 1×5

Uliana leads Darya to Ignat against her husband’s will, and Maxim beats her again. She ends up in the hospital. Zinaida, Kostya’s mother and doctor in the hospital, procures her miscarriage as revenge. Marina goes in the town and asks Ignat to shelter her. They both work on building site. Ignat gets a proposition to earn money at illegal MMA. Will he risk?

6. Episode 1×6

Marina steels money from Ignat’s colleague. He is charged and dismissed, so he takes the proposition about MMA. The last obstacle Marina has is Daria. Marina throws away her medicine and lets her go alone to the drug store. Marina got hit by a car and dies. Ignat reveals the truth about Uliana’s relationships and proposes her to live with him.

7. Episode 1×7

Uliana stays for the night with Ignat, and in the morning has a scandal with Marina. Marina lies to her about their relationships. Uliana runs off the town without any message and forgets her phone. Marina finds the phone and writes Ignat a breakdown message. Ignat kicks her out of his apartment and she returns to parents, then tells a police about the illegal MMA.

8. Episode 1×8

Ignat saves Marina from furious initiators of MMA and takes her to Uliana’s house. She apologizes. Ylona nad Uliana gets rid off Maxim. Ignat tries to explain everything to Marina and Kostya parents. Uliana explains her feelings, and they got engaged. On the Kostya’s grave meet Ignat, Uliana, Zinaida, and Vera. Vera reveals the truth about his death.