The Wolf

2020 TV-14

A young man raised by wolves falls in love with Lady Ma Zhai, the daughter of a general and noble lord. Accused unjustly of killing the spiritual brother of the Emperor, the boy is persecuted, thrown down a cliff and then rescued by Chu Kui.

1. Episode 1×1

Zhu Wen usurped the throne, proclaimed himself emperor, and established the back beam. Meanwhile, Ma Ying’s daughter, Ma met a wild boy who had grown up in the mountains since childhood, and was later accepted as a a righteous son by Zhu Wen.

2. Episode 1×2

Deputy general Ma Feng Cheng was ordered to go up the mountain to round up the wolf cubs, but found that they were protecting the wolves and voluntarily submitting to them. At the same time, Winning Stars was worried about the wolf, and with the assistance of her daughter Xiao Feng, fled to Mafu to find the wolf.

3. Episode 1×3

Ma Jun shot, killed, and wounded many wolves. When Star Reaching arrived, he begged Ma Jun to rush to save people, but Ma Jun’s leg had been injured.

4. Episode 1×4

Xiaofeng and Picking Stars go to the restaurant to watch the shadow puppet show. Between the curtains of the shadow play, Picking Stars almost reunited with a disguised King Bo, but they did not see each other.

5. Episode 1×5

Starcatcher has suffered from a loss of soul. On Wen Yan’s suggestion, King Bo goes to pick up the medicine for Starcatcher-Nucleus. While Wen Yan takes care of Starcatcher, the young master of Tongzhou stops to pay a visit.

6. Episode 1×6

Ma Jiajun approached Suyang City, and Yun Wang Chu Yougui tried to reassure him. Getting ready to approach Suyang city, Ma Jiajun insists that Chu Kui show up and make an oath, otherwise he would be forced to break into the city.

7. Episode 1×7

Guan Nu Lin Guang ventured to the outskirts of the city to meet his own son. The next day Chu Kui practiced arrows with King Bo, who was very upset over the wedding period.

8. Episode 1×8

Chu Kui interrogates everyone about the killer’s case. Yang Hou suspects Lin Guang’s affairs are not simple and Jingxiang accuses Lin Guang of being guilty. Chu Kui believes that the assassins who appeared in King Bo’s Mansion were caused by Ma Qiexing’s self-assertion and King Bo’s ignorance.

9. Episode 1×9

Star accepts King Bo’s invitation and goes happily to the banquet. King Bo changes his former cruelty and struggles with the banquet to turn the stars into Jade Silk. The two forge an invisible love for each other.

10. Episode 1×10

King Bo and Star returned to the mansion. Although the people of Bao Na had not arrived, the gifts came first. The paintings and objects sent showed a special meaning. Before leaving Yang, King Bo asks Bao Na to hide the marriage contract but reluctantly accepts.

11. Episode 1×11

Upon returning to the mansion, Starcatcher heard that Bowang wanted to teach Baona to practice calligraphy. Bowang likes to choose stars secretly and gets jealous, but Baona is unhappy with the situation between them. As soon as they chose the star, King Bo leaves for official business reasons.

12. Episode 1×12

When King Yun sees that Po Na is forging a plan, he secretly sends a signal to his people. King Bo rushes to the place where Po Na was attacked and discovers that his whereabouts are unknown. At the Court, Chu Kui learns of King Bo’s mistakenly loaned troops and imprisons him in the prison of heaven, while ordering King Yun to quickly find Po Na.

13. Episode 1×13

You Wen runs to the village and gives the inhabitants supplies to survive the cold winter and then sneaks into King Yun’s mansion. According to Ji Chong’s words, Zhao Xing went to the mountain temple to arrest the real killer.

14. Episode 1×14

Chu Kui orders King Bo to go on a trip with a star-picker, but King Bo hates star-picking. King Yun orders an attack on King Bo as revenge for Jingxiang. Ji Chong joins Bowang’s team as a Xiangma master and King Bo is jealous before leaving.

15. Episode 1×15

The sad star hunter is still worried about the fact that King Bo drinks and gets hurt. King Bo notices that Star was not willing to surrender, humiliates her and even tries to take her. He is frustrated and sorry. Ji Chong learns that Star has been aggrieved, but discovered that a piece is missing in the story.

16. Episode 1×16

King Bo Solo brings Wen Yan and several Bojun troops to Fuhulin for the appointment, and Mo Xiao led the rest of Bojun’s troops to the Nanliao Pagoda to greet the Four Highnesses. Upon reaching the stars he meets Po Na, who is welcoming King Bo.

17. Episode 1×17

Po Na sends someone to take Youzhen to the barracks in person. King Bo has never loved Youzhen. After learning that Ji Chong had failed on Fuhulin, King Yun is furious and Chu Chu accidentally hears him.

18. Episode 1×18

Ji Chong and Bo Wang competed in archery to win stars. Ji Chong used a sword as an arrow to win, but King Bo abstained and took advantage of the celebration to take away the star. King Bo’s behavior puzzles the star, and it is revealed that he has the ability to see the wind, which shocks the star.

19. Episode 1×19

King Bo thinks it is dangerous to catch the stars, so he rushes to the cliff on the outskirts of the city and listens to the familiar copper bell. Star stands at the edge of the cliff, and becomes prey to imminent danger. He further insists on forcing King Bo to admit that he was a Wolf Boy, but King Bo refuses to admit it.

20. Episode 1×20

King Bo and Zhao Xing return to Kuizhou City. They meet the well-known old merchant Fang and his daughter Hong’er. They discover that Hong’er has become rebellious, so they solve Hong’er’s issue together and accompany them. Hong’er tells her father that the man who accompanied the star sister was the one who had told the story of the little wolf.